Born in Rostov-na-Donu at the South of Russia. After graduating music school as a classical pianist I've switched to bass guitar and explored local music scene with the best bands of the time: Fomalhaut, B.A.R.D.O., Lovejoy, Kasta, Fruktoviy Kefir. Also worked as a producer on several albums with local artists and as a sound engineer in studio making radio commercials and jingles.

After moving to Moscow in 2005 I had focused mostly on session work in studio and live as a bass player. Since then I've worked with many of Russia's top level artists of different genres, such as Basta, Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., Alexey Chumakoff, Stas Pieha, Natalya Podolskaya, Kvartal, Janna Aguzarova, Tinavie, Korney, Oleg Chubykin and many more. Currently I play bass for the band Zveri and producing singer-songwriter Nani Eva.

For more info check out my first ever interview in English for SoundGym.co here

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